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Krypton offers customers peace of mind in business management because they have extensive experience in business consulting, internal and external audits, implementation and review of controls. We have trained and attentive professionals ready to restructure and organize companies that want to optimize their business, using more efficient processes in the decision making process.

Choosing our consultants and auditors is a strategy to better understand your company, comply with legislation, promote corporate governance, grow in a sustainable manner and attract investors and external resources.


Specialized works for each of the SPED obligations, distributed in different modalities, according to the company’s need.

• Consulting in the implementation of software, ensuring the smooth operation of the system and the quality of the processes.
• Database revision and analysis of software used to generate report with key points to be reformulated.
• Outsourcing of accessory obligations, generating the files in supplied software, with partial or full use of existing controls.

ERP Consulting

The implementation and re-design of Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP are projects that require the professional to have a broader view of the organization, establishing the origin of the data and its entire routing within the company. Our consultants and auditors perform analyses ranging from logistics to function separation, with its own proven work methodology. Using technological innovations, Krypton Consulting presents performance indicators for customer service, productivity, quality, supply efficiency and product profitability at monthly meetings.

Internal controls

Organizational planning is composed of all methods and procedures adopted within the company to protect its assets, verify the adequacy and support of accounting data, promote operational efficiency and encourage adherence to policies defined by management. The decision to implement and periodically review internal controls helps ensure better conditions for the company’s business development, making it more competitive.


Decision on which action plan should be implemented by the organization in managerial and strategic matters aiming at the optimization of results.

– Monthly monitoring of federal taxes and contributions;
– Monitoring the execution of the monthly accounting schedule;
– Follow-up to the periodic report called the Executive Summary, which involves operational, financial and economic analyzes.

Business valuation

Evaluation of controls, flows and processes, as well as accounting and management reports. Krypton analyzes the organization’s financial data objectively and strategically, focusing on results.

Regularization of a foreign company

All companies with foreign partners must register with the Federal Revenue Service and the Central Bank of Brazil for the RDE-IED (Electronic Declaratory Registration – Foreign Direct Investment). Krypton takes care of the whole process to normalize the situation and avoid a fine that can reach $ 250,000.00.

Control of Fixed Assets

Property, plant and equipment consists of the set of assets and rights necessary for the maintenance of the company’s activities, which can be tangible (buildings, machines, etc.) or intangible (brands, patents, etc.). One of the main attributions of accounting is the control of the entity’s equity.