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Accountant / Management System

A management system thought by accountants. Ideal for accounting offices and internal accounting.

With technology applied to real time online monitoring and information, our system assists in meeting legal deadlines and obligations. All with the security of having the registered processes and the tranquility of being part of a solid network and recognized in the market.

k-system 1
BD Companies

Main system in the accounting management chain. From there, we fed the database with cadastral information and parameterized the system with tax and tax information of what to deliver and when.

Activity Reports

System manager of accounting, fiscal, labor and financial routines. Through the platform, we control and manage federal, state and municipal tax deadlines, as well as ensuring reliability in the delivery of guides and ancillary obligations.

Financial Management

We manage agile all contracts, services rendered, accounts receivable and collection tickets for accounting, tax and labor routines.

Customer Channel

The client has access to activity reports, financial system, virtual files (social contract, documentation of members, operating permit etc.), personalized tax calendar for your business, news of the segment, besides all the guides available for tax regularization and Obligations.

k-system 2

Access the tools such as Intelligent Document Management (GDI), Protocol, Annual Meeting Calendar, Control of Power of Attorney, and Branch Control.


Package consisting of weekly email of marketing with news of the department, special e-mails from the marketing department to communicate adjustments or changes in accounting universe, annual calendar of relationship actions on specific dates, health program, with fundamental tips for the maintenance of a Healthy life and a website for your company with updated news every day.

CD – Certificação Digital

Electronic document that makes it possible to prove the identity of a person or company. With it, you can ensure legal validity for online transactions and issue electronic invoices. Become a Registration Authority (AR) and have one more product to offer your customers.

Krypton University

Environment where we encourage learning on an ongoing basis. We provide technical, strategic, social and technical training through a distance, learning from a platform or face-to-face classes in our auditoriums.

HR – Human Resources

We offer the Internal Survey, a valuable research tool for the Human Resources and Marketing managers. With it, we get suggestions of topics of interest to the Corporate University, opinions of employees about agreements related to bank hours, internal climate, among others.

k-system 3

Control of all proceedings related to restitution, reimbursement or reimbursement of credits calculated at the end of the period, and their offset in other federal taxes.

Process Management

Periodic monitoring of the fiscal situation of each client, monitoring the expiration of negative certificates and the progress of processes, such as constitutions of subsidiaries, contractual changes, among others. Guarantee the tranquility of your client, leaving you free of surprises.


Package comprised of new customer prospecting model, pricing methodology and satisfaction survey.

Rede Krypton
HR – Human Resources

We consolidated corporate governance expertise with three other tools: Salary and Job Plan, Competency Management and Employee Handbook.

SGQ – Quality Management System

SGQ is a process of continuous improvement. Encompassing all areas of your company, the preparation of routines, forms and activities pertaining to the qualification process to obtain ISO 9001 quality certification is done.