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Paralegal Services

Our paralegal advising is specialized in the services of opening and legalization of companies, nationally and internationally. We act with objectivity to resolve disputes in various public and private bodies and entities, at the federal, state and municipal levels, providing effective control and periodic monitoring of all bureaucratic services. On many occasions, when these requirements are not observed in time, there is a blockage of investments, financing, participation in bids or competitions, fines and penalties, which negatively affect the company’s results.


Process Manager


We monitor all processes via web in real time, with remote access to clients. The system automatically sends e-mails to a predefined list whenever there is any change of status in an activity. Click here to access.

Corporate Monitoring

Company Registers

Corporate, Tax, Taxation and Cadastral Diagnostics

Special Registration Requirements

Corporate, Legal Registrations

Taxation Compliance

Corporate Monitoring

Control and constant and effective monitoring of the opening and legalization services of companies.

Company Registers

Preparation and registration of corporate acts in the processes of incorporation, alteration, transformation, merger, demerger, incorporation and extinction of legal entities.

Corporate, Tax, Tax and Cadastral Diagnostics

Regular or periodic control of regularity in the tax agents of the Union, states and municipalities, as well as Active Debt, Cadim, Serasa and SPC.

Special Registration Requirements

Specific registration depending on company’s business and corporate structure, among entities such as BACEN,SISCOMEX, FEAM, DNPM, Federal Police and Labor Ministry.

Legal Registrations

Registration with the federal, state and local tax authorities, trade associations (CRC, OAB, CREA, CRA, etc.) and regulatory bodies such as ANATEL, EMBRATUR, CVM, ANVISA.

Tax compliance

Fiscal, labor and social security debts and payments, review and follow-up on special payments such as REFIS, Paes e Paex.